Master’s thesis writing

March 5, 2019July 5, 2019

The period of study is the most beautiful time in a young person’s life. On the one hand, an adult can enjoy the charms of life, which is not lacking in college, and on the other hand is the time when it is possible to expand his knowledge. Widening horizons, exploring interests.

The culminating point is to write a master’s thesis

In a sense, it is the culmination of the entire period of learning. Just choosing a job theme is exciting.

After all, it involves trying to write something new and revealing. By starting to write this kind of work, we basically want it to be an expression of our thoughts and research work. For it to be a good job, there must be a passion for discovering a new one. All studies, all kinds of grades, were to prepare for this. Over the years of study, the overriding task was to acquire knowledge and shape a workshop, thanks to which a master’s thesis could be created.

The choice of topic is the first stage. Another is the choice of the promoter. Contrary to appearances, this is a very important element in this process. The promoter is the person who has the task of directing our thoughts, helping to choose a good direction. Starting with an indication, or at least discussing the methodology, by helping in choosing the right bibliography.

During the editing of individual chapters, it is the person responsible not only for the substantive content of the work, but also making sure that it is in line with the editorial requirements. The promoter reviewing the work, learning about its subsequent stages, will surely pay attention to the font used, note what margins in the master’s thesis have been applied, and what is the general layout of the whole work.

As far as the layout of work is concerned, almost every university has its own specific requirements. However, the essential elements are convergent for almost every one of them. Each work must have a title page on which there are, among others, the name of the university, the name and surname of the author and the subject of the work. The table of contents is also required from the elements.

An important element, whose form is different, depending on the university in which the master’s thesis is written, is the author’s statement about writing it himself. This is a type of statement that is associated with increasingly frequent, unfortunately, cases of plagiarism, but also renting people to write such a job. After preparing the table of contents, go to the introduction.

The layout of the work then includes an introduction, in which the author must outline what issue he is investigating, what is the subject of the work and what were the premises to undertake this topic.

After this part, subsequent chapters follow, in which the topic is gradually developed, the research results are changed, their analysis is carried out, aimed at comprehensively describing and explaining the examined problem. Completion of the master’s thesis must contain systematized conclusions, presented in a clear and clear way. The end of the work is to give an answer to the questions that were the premise to take it. The lack of such a surprise causes that such work brings nothing new. Once completed, of course there is room for a bibliography, lists of illustrations used, tables, map drawings, and the like.

It would seem that all of this, but in addition to the requirements related to the master’s thesis, there are also editorial requirements. Of course, nowadays every work is created on a computer and there is no major problem with carrying out its proper editing.

The work must be written on paper, in A 4 paper format. As for the font selection, it is usually a Times New Roman font or a Calibri font. We use it in the size of 12 points. The margins of the master’s thesis are also defined. The upper margin must be 2.5 cm, similar to the lower margin: 2.5 cm. There are also side margins that have – left 3.5 cm, and right margins: 1.5 cm. The written text must be properly formatted – it is required to justify it.

In addition, each university in its guidelines gives students how to mark the next chapters, creating the subheadings. The obvious thing is that everyone should start with an indent when starting the paragraph. It is also required that the Master’s thesis should be numbered all pages, and the page numbers should be placed in their lower part.

Since the introduction of personal computers for use, the requirement to submit a master’s thesis, in addition to a copy or printed copies (again it depends on the individual preferences of the university), a CD with a digital version of the work should be provided.


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